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Daniel W. Alexander

Find legal counsel for general business matters, bankruptcy-related matters and much more - let Mr. Alexander guide you through your legal issues!


Receive professional legal assistance from Mr. Alexander who is licensed in federal and state courts in CO.

• Over 30 years of experience

• Helping you get immediate protection from creditors

• Assisting you with debt relief

• Helping you file for bankruptcy relief

• Assisting you with collection

Discover what I can do for you

Receive professional legal counsel when you come to Mr. Alexander.


During his legal career, Mr. Alexander has appeared in over 500 bankruptcy cases.


Each one of my clients is treated with undivided attention, compassion and care.

Get exceptional legal counsel

Get professional legal counsel today!

Over 30 years

Mr. Alexander have been a proud member of the Colorado Larimer County Bar Association since 1987.

Trust Mr. Alexander to get you through this stressful time. With our professional counsel, you will be able to get through your crisis.

Mr. Alexander is a dedicated and experienced bankruptcy lawyer who will guide you through every step of the legal process.


Let Mr. Alexander assist you with your bankruptcy issues today.  

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